Tubular Service was founded in July 2006. We have experience in constructing and managing buildings of different size and purpose.
We provide scaffolding service in all branches of industry. We have modern, safe and functional scaffolding facilities, which enable to carry out required work on new or renovated buildings. We use high-quality Layher and Alfix scaffolding manufactured in Germany and known for their safety and diversity.

Our professional team and the application of innovative technology and high-quality materials enable to provide first-grade building solutions or maintenance in different buildings.

The company provides different services, including the maintenance of apartments or building houses, and achieve the fastest and the best possible solution in cooperation with the customer.

We help to solve any questions related to construction and commission any work completed.

We provide complex approach to maintenance and construction of buildings, which enables to accomplish even the most complicated solutions.

Chairman of the Management Board, Meelis Peiker